High Contrast B/W Huawei Mate 9

I had never used the Mate 9. It’s been lying around here for over 3 years. Last time I used the monochrome camera, it blew me away. The quality is fantastic. I like the rendering of the sky. Also the size of the smartphone is great. I’ve been sitting too much on the Mac for work. So I prefer to edit the pictures directly on my smartphone when I’m on the road. And for that the Mate9 is the best. Because it has an incredibly wide display. There is hardly to find a smartphone with such a wide display. For …

Huawei Mate 9 -The lovely Monochrome Sensor

I have owned Huawei Mate 9 for a long time now. I’ve never really warmed up to it. I don’t know why. This weekend I startet the old thing up. And what can I say… I love the monochrome sensor. The pictures are gonna be amazing. And I like the ratio of the display. The images are much bigger than on my Huawei p30. It’s always fun when you rediscover old things. Here are some sample pictures. Settings: Monochrome (contrast +3)

iPhone 5 Photography in 2020

Granted, it’s a little crazy. I own good cameras, the Ricoh GR III, Panasonic GH5, Fuji X-Pro, Sony RX100 V, the iPhone SE, iPhone 7+, the Huawei P30, and yet for some time now I’ve only been shooting with my old iPhone 5, and I find the colors from filter effect „Faded“ (unfortunately only up to iOS 10) simply sensational. I can’t find any real arguments why you should still take pictures with the iPhone 5 in 2020. It is simply fun to get the best out of the old thing. It has helped me to develop photographic skills like …

Why I start this Blog

Recently I saw an inspiring contribution to a project of a street photographer. He presents his street photos on the street with a beamer. Hundreds of people pass by without interest. On one day an average of 10 people stop and one or the other person talks to him about it. He said for him this is satisfying. He does not have to reach thousands of people with it. He said a handful is fine. I found this view very inspiring in times of Likes and Followers. It was also the impetus for me to start this blog. Before that …

Ricoh GR III Positiv Film & VSCO A6

I love the colors that come out of the Ricoh GR III with the Positive Film effect. I have always loved the colors of the VSCO Preset A6. Together they are brilliant. VSCO Settings: A6 / Analog +12 Skin Colors +2 Sharpness +3.2

Project Utopia

Recently I had the idea to make a kind of story out of incoherent pictures. I like utopias and dystopias and so my project Utopia was born. All pictures were taken with the smartphone Huawei P30.

Printing photos yourself – a new quality of photography

A few months ago I bought the Canon iP7250 photo printer for just under 50 €. One of my best investments in a long time. Since I started printing my photos, photography has taken on a whole new quality. I like the idea of holding something physical in my hand in the digital age. I wanted a simple workflow. So printing directly from the smartphone was a prerequisite for me. I had tried it before with Epson and HP. Unfortunately the apps did not meet my requirements. The Canon App did. So I usually print the photos directly from the …

Why I love the Ricoh GR III

To be honest, it was love at second sight. I did not immediately recognize the advantages of the GR III over my Sony RX100 V or Canon G9X. It took me a while to get warm with the camera. And now. Yeah, what can I say. I feel like I’m never gonna buy a camera again. You can take brilliant pictures till the end of time. I think the GR III is completely underestimated and wrongly attributed only to the genre of street photography. I use the GR III for all possible genres. Architecture, landscape, lifestyle and mainly I use …

Beautiful things in daily life

A quick snapshot of me sitting in a coffee shop to work. It makes me happy when I take note of the small beautiful things in the daily life. I’ve been on autopilot too much. „Achte auf die kleinen Dinge im Leben. Denn im Nachhinein werden sie großartig sein.“– aus dem Buch „Füttere den weißen Wolf“ „Pay attention to the little things in life. Because in hindsight, they was great.“