TRIX-400 Pushed recipe for Lumix

I’m stuck in the GAS again. But after buying the Canon RP and the Fuji X-Pro3, I realised that I take most of my photos with my old Lumix GX80/85. It’s also the camera I like to grab and put in my jacket pocket to take with me on my everyday trips.

I simply love this camera. Besides the small size, it’s the black and white pictures that I get from the camera. I like high contrast images. Rich shadows and bright highlights. Fuji is well known for its in-camera presets. But I still prefer the Black/White JPGs from the Lumix GX80/85. After long attempts to get a similar look with the Fuji X-Pro3, I gave up.

I will report more about my hot love for the Lumix GX80 / 85.
The camera offers me so many more advantages compared to my Canon RP or Fuji X-Pro3.

Especially with the Mitakon 25mm 0.95. I have the bokeh like on my Fullframe Canon RP. If I want sharp pictures from front to back, I have to choose a smaller aperture on the Lumix GX80 / 85 than on full frame cameras because of the small sensor. What requires an aperture of 11 on the Canon RP I can easily achieve with an aperture of 5.6 on my Lumix GX80 / 85.

Oh, the Mitakon 25mm 0.95. I just love it. I could never understand when people have a romance with a special lens, but since I got this lens I understand.

So, now I’ve talked a lot. Here is the setting for my TRIX-400 Pushed recipe:

Photo Style: Monochrome
Kontrast: +5
Sharpness: 0
Noise Reduction: -5
Color Tone: 0
Filter Effect: off

Highlights and Shadows:
Highlights: +4
Schadows: -5

Exposure compensation: 0 – 1 EV

i.Dynamic: off
i.Resolution: off
White-Balance: Auto

Here are some samples (SOOC):

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