Hello Fullframe, goodbye Crop-Sensors

I have often thought that I am finally rid of my GAS. That I had finally found the perfect camera for me.
Whether my search for the camera will end, I cannot say. But the Canon RP puts everything I have ever used in the shade.
Reduced to the essential. Brilliant image quality. It’s miles away from MFT and APS-C cameras (Ricoh GR III excluded).

The camera has something very special. At high ISO it has a noise behaviour like an analogue camera. We are talking about 6400 ISO upwards. I love that. I can take pictures with ISO 25,000.

I always used fixed focal lengths. Now, for the first time, a zoom lens RF 24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM. I love the flexibility. The lens is very small and sharp. Compared to an MFT sensor the aperture is 2-3.5.

The camera leads me back to photography. Without many technical gimmicks.

The only problem. I will never use my MFT, APS-C cameras and lenses again.

Here are some pictures i took during my last walk:


  1. As much as I love the R5 there is something about the GR III that had me thinking about the GR III X to complement the everyday carry.

    • Yes, I feel the same way. Even though the Canon is small, it’s still too big to have with you all the time.
      I bought the Ricoh Gr III X for exactly that reason. The focal length is a good compromise. The image quality is unique. I like the pictures even more than those from my full frame.

      I can recommend the Ricoh GR III X 100%.

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