Canon RP (Lake Garda)

My excursion into analogue photography brought me to the full frame camera.
I was curious for a long time whether a full frame camera differs so much from an APS-C or MFT.

So I bought the Canon RP. The quality blew me away. I think I will not go back to a smaller sensor so quickly. Except my Ricoh GR III.

The camera is functionally very reduced and reminds me of the analogue Canon 500N.

This article should not be a camera review. I generally think that specifications are not enough to evaluate a camera. I judge a camera by whether it is fun and inspires me and motivates me to take it in my hand and shoot. And this is definitely the case with the Canon RP.

Here are some pictures taken during a short trip to Italy, Lake Garda.


After the first day at Lake Garda the lockdown was declared in the whole of Italy. We did not know that before. Places like Sirmione are usually overrun by tourists. This time only a few people were on the road. So a good time to travel? Maybe …

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