Project against my perfectionism #7 – „Patterns“

Here some snapshots from my project series „Projects against my perfectionism and G.A.S“

Patterns – it is an unspeltakular topic. But that is what it is all about. Just start taking pictures. Without the claim that the photos are above average.

All pictures were taken with my Ricoh GR III in RAW. No matter which camera I use, it always goes back to my lovely Ricoh GR III. Even if I wish for a viewfinder, a flip-up display and a faster autofocus, the quality compensates everything. It is always a pleasure to look at the pictures on my big screen after a photo walk. The details are simply unique. I know I shouldn’t overrate sharpness, but still it is always a joy to look at.

I am also a fan of the MFT system because of its small size. But comparing the image quality to the Ricoh… what can I say, it’s miles. Yes shure, i am a pixel peeper to a certain degree. What do you think? What is your experience with the Ricoh GR III or the MFT System?

With this project I realized that it does not always have to be a lot of photos for a project. Just a small handful is enough.

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  1. I just got a Ricoh GR III and I am in love with the camera. Went on a camping trip along with an R5 and L glass and brought the GR along to “test”. All my favourite pics came from the GR… and it was more enjoyable not lugging all the gear around. I can see it becoming my main everyday camera.

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