Get Rid of G.A.S.

I’m stuck in the G.A.S. again. The search for the perfect camera. So I bought the Panasonic Lumix LX100 II, Panasonic GX800 and the fullframe Canon RP. Oh yes, and a 30mm and 25mm 0.95 MFT lens. I have photographed less and less.

Even though I have so much more equipment now, I always end up with the Ricoh GR III. The image quality and user guidance is simply unbeatable.

Since a few days I started to do projects again. Just small projects in between. Grab the camera and go out for an hour.

It sounds banal but these projects are exactly what help me against the G.A.S. The camera becomes secondary. Just a tool, which it should be. And you notice exactly what kind of camera suits you. That’s how it is that I always end up with the Ricoh GR III.

I start the series „Project against my perfectionism“. I think now this is much more. The project series also seems to cure me of the G.A.S.

What is the „Project against my perfectionism“ series?
They are small photo projects. I would almost call it micro projects. I choose a theme or a design element/rule and make a photo series about it. Nothing big. Just take time for the photography. Usually it is only 30-60 min.

I would be interested to know what you do when you’re stuck in the G.A.S. Leave me a comment.


  1. I recognize myself in your description! I also take less and less photos. I have also thought many times that new equipment should make me go out more. But next second i realize how stupid this is. I have perfectly good equipment. Instead I need to find a motivator for me to go out and capture more photos.

    • Thanks for your comment. Nice to hear that I am not alone with this. The best tool for me against GAS so far are my micro projects.

      I wish you success and good light!

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