Creativity is Limitation

A small family excursion to the neighbouring town Rattenberg. Here time seems to stand still for hundreds of years.

Once again I discovered the Ricoh GR III for myself. I never had a camera that could capture so much details. For me the almost perfect camera.

The Ricoh GR III has an internal memory. I think for 36 photos. Very nice idea. This is another aspect I took from analog photography. To take fewer pictures of a scene, but to think better before taking them. Another proof of „creativity is limitation“.

„If you say to yourself, I have all the time in the world, all the money in the world, all the colors of the palette, everything I want – then it only kills creativity.

Jack White

It is nice when I come home after a photo trip and can edit and view 36 photos instead of hundreds.

Today I will go out again, without SD card ? Looking for 36 nice pictures.

I have learned a lot from analogue photography. I see the whole creation and development process very differently. I appreciate the extremely sharp pictures from the Ricoh more than ever. I now also see and appreciate the possibilities of Lightroom offers in a completely different way.

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  1. Hi Tom, may I ask you about the settings in your ricoh gr iii when you are shooting in just internal storage only without memory card I’m curious about it thanks in advance nice blog post ????

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